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We are very proud of MyExpensesOnline, a cloud-based electronic staff expense system, in which the claimant can enter their expenses using web or mobile apps, submit and have them sent to the correct person for authorisation and payment.

Our website provides information on the features and benefits of MyExpensesOnline.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ guide

Getting Started if you are a Claimant

User profile

Accessing MyExpenses

Changing your password

Adding your vehicle with DVLA checks

Entering your bank details

Daily digest email reminders

Adding a delegate

Creating a new claim

Creating a new expense claim in classic mode

Creating a new claim

Editing returned claim lines

Undeleting expense claims

Recalling expense claims

Credit cards & advances

Requesting an advance

Reconciling a card statement


Category types

Claiming on mobile devices using a browser

User Reports

Duty of Care

Getting Started on Mobile Devices

iOS Application

Android Application

Windows Application

ReceiptStash MEO Mobile application (Android)

ReceiptStash MEO Mobile application (iOS)

Getting Started if you are a Manager

Authorising a claim

Manager Reports

Getting Started if you are an Administrator

User settings

Authorise new claimants

Add a new claimant

Adding a delegate

Adding a proxy user

Category options

Add a new claim category

Add claim category to a group of users

Category group admin screen

Entertainment category attendee types

Adding / Amending rates for daily allowance categories

Expense settings

Add a mileage rate

Personal mileage set up

Expense Team Reports

Add a new workflow rule

System Notifications

Add / Update coding

Applying account adjustments

Duty of Care - Admin

Documents & Messages

Amending emails from the system

Payment options

Importing credit card statements and matching to claimants

Quickbooks Interface

Create a finance interface

Report Manager

Set up for MyExpensesOnline to send emails on behalf of your email domain


Expense team reports

System notifications

Applying account adjustments

Duty of Care - Admin

Documents & Messages

Amending emails from the system

MyExpenses setup checks

Changes to MyExpensesOnline

We have a policy of continuous improvement, which means that MyExpensesOnline is being regularly updated with new and updated features.

Release history

Mobile Release History